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Covid-19 hit us with a bang early in the year. Health, business and social effects are still a problem and a worry to all organisations.

This has lead us to reflect on this very unusual year and consider what we have learned and, critically, to work out what actions organisations need to take to ensure that they can survive and thrive in 2021.

What have we learned?

  • The health effects of Covid-19 have to be taken seriously
  • Government actions have a profound effect on the running of the economy
  • Every person is affected in some way
  • The Government aid packages have been of great assistance to many businesses
  • Many businesses have not survived
  • Many business owners and managers have had to absorb significant responsibilities and stresses of the year
  • Businesses have had to be resilient and prepared to do things differently
  • Flexibility, agility and innovation have leapt to the forefront of business survival
  • Remote working has become something for all organisations to get to grips with
  • Mental health and wellbeing has emerged as a “must have” focus
  • HR is not just about HR administration software and employment law compliance – it is much deeper and more relational
  • Regular communication and contact channels with your employees are non-negotiables
  • The importance and value of engaged and committed employees to organisations has never been higher

As an HR Consultancy servicing mainly medium-size businesses, over the last few months we have noticed a surge of enquiries from organisations wanting to develop and grow both individuals and teams, and to team-build. The importance of high performing dedicated and committed employees has never been more in focus.

This realization of the need to take positive steps to enhance individual performance and also creates a collaborative high-performance culture sets the scene for a successful 2021 HR strategy.

Amongst the top issues for a successful 2021 will be the quality of
HR in your business.

What HR things can you do to make sure your business survives and thrives in 2021?

  • Develop an HR strategy that has individual and group development, and collaborative teamwork at its core
  • Develop an annual HR plan that drives a disciplined approach to implementing the important People goals that you set
  • Review your communication channels with your employees. Are they properly set up and do they really work?
  • Ensure that you have groups set up for innovation and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Ask your team to let you know what you did well and what you could improve on in your 2020 Covid-19 response
  • Review the associations and partnerships that you have that potentially could help you out if further crises develop
  • Review/introduce Remote Work, Flexible Work and Wellness policies
  • Review your HR plan monthly to stay on top of these critical HR matters

2021 is just around the corner and the better prepared you are for what it may bring, the better you will both survive and be successful in your business.

Positive People have over 25 years’ experience guiding employers put in place HR initiatives that serve the business well. Call us today on 09-445 01277 to ensure you are well set up for a successful 2021.Teamwork

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