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Running a medium-sized business is demanding, every which way. It’s all about customers, it’s all about marketing, it’s all about strategy, it’s all about cash-flow, it’s all about product, it’s all about supply chain, it’s all about quality, it’s all about innovation, it’s all about health and safety, it’s all about compliance, it’s all about administration, it’s all about delivery.

And, it is absolutely, definitely, all about your people and their productivity.

Our experience tells us that many of the sleepless nights are the result of “people problems”.

So, the questions to ask, and answer are:

  1. How does a business owner minimize employee issues and also optimize their productivity?
  2. How can this best be done in a cost effective and efficient way?

We all know from experience that the people in your business really do make or break you, so the decision to elevate HR matters closer to the top of your priorities becomes imperative to your success.

Two options exist.

Some owners feel that HR Software systems will do it all – allowing for ease of access to information, hence making the management of team members easier. This is true. However, the danger in this is that HR software systems only make the administration of records and systems easier. They do not provide the relational contact that lifts productivity.

And this is where, in addition to having a great HR Software system, there is a need for deep HR.

What is deep HR?

Deep HR takes hold of the culture of your business and gets everyone involved and engaged in your business. Effectively it elevates all employees, from top to bottom, into the position of looking after the business for you. It builds engagement, enthusiasm, pro-activity, energy, thoughtfulness, common sense.

All the things that you wish your employees had.

What is involved in deep HR?

It is not as complex as it sounds. As a medium -sized business owner, you will not be wanting a complicated HR system that is time-consuming, expensive and difficult to introduce and maintain.

What you will be looking for is an approach and way of running your HR that minimizes your risk and also gets your team humming, looking after your business for you.

What to do

  • Establish where your stand with your current HR systems and approach
  • Identify shortfalls
  • Develop an HR strategy that will support and promote your business
  • Develop a realistic and affordable staged HR program
  • Allocate the time and resources to make it happen
  • Monitor progress and fine-tune as appropriate

You want your people to be really working for you.

Here at Positive People we have been in this business of assisting medium sized businesses optimize their people contribution for 25 years.

Call us on 09-445 1077 or email us at info@positivepeople.co.nz to talk about how we can help.