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Encouraging High Performance in December

The festive season is in full swing. Christmas carols are playing, the sun is shining and the panic of present buying has begun. During this period spirits can be high, but the motivation to work can waiver.

We know it’s hard for your teams to focus on output when they are planning Christmas parties and thinking about their holiday fun.

But business doesn’t stop. If anything it may be ramping up, so keeping your team focused and on target may take some work.

To encourage high performance during December:

  1. Introduce some simple rewards based on achieving target – an after work BBQ can work wonders if it’s held on job completion
  2. Allow the team some flexibility to get the job done quicker and have an early afternoon finish as their reward. We have seen some great work completed with this carrot
  3. Start some fun games based on reaching targets. Some competition is healthy and it’s amazing how chocolate at Christmas time can motivate a team to work quickly
  4. Work alongside your team during busy periods. It is always motivational to see the boss getting stuck in, so a couple of hours on the floor can work wonders for your team
  5. Communicate the need to finish on a “high”. It’s been a busy year and knowing they are on a countdown to have a big finish helps to keep spirits up until the last day.

It’s a great opportunity to have some fun with your team. Take the time to get involved in the Christmas spirit around your workplace and appreciate everyone for the efforts that they are putting in.
And finally, if you are brave enough – everyone loves a Santa hat. Go on, put it on, have some fun and make the most of the last few weeks of the year.