What makes Positive People HR specialists?

We have been working with a variety of businesses and not-for-profits for over 25 years which positions us to understand your specific needs, and which HR systems work and which don’t. We know that each business is different and requires its own flexible solutions with a special blend of solid HR systems and on-the-ground customised practicality

Do you work on projects only, and/or do you provide an Outsourced HR Service too?

We work on specific projects and also provide a dedicated HR Outsourcing service, working as part of your team with a regular weekly or fortnightly arrangement with a set number of hours per week spent on HR matters.

Do you work onsite or offsite?

We work both onsite and offsite, depending on the project and what you prefer.

Will I work with one person for all my HR needs?

We assign a dedicated Lead Consultant to your business, who works with you to ensure they understand your full business needs and is also your single and primary source of contact. We have a strong back-up team and your Lead Consultant draws on the experience of everyone to provide the best solutions to any project. Our whole team is available to support and provide cover for you when you need it. We are a scalable HR resource.

Why should I choose consulting or outsourcing over hiring an internal HR professional?

Medium sized business often cannot afford a full-time HR professional and usually need different levels and amounts of HR support. Using Positive People allows you to flex your support dependent on your current HR needs. This is both practical and cost effective

What level is your Leadership Skills training pitched at?

We have developed our practical leadership training courses to be relevant to those working at the coalface in mainly medium-sized businesses. However, they are equally applicable in large organisations who have specific departmental training needs. This means that they are mainly appropriate for attendance by those people occupying middle management and supervisory positions.

Can you help us fine-tune our organisation structure and assist with restructuring our business?

Yes, we lead and provide advice and practical guidance throughout the process.

How do you charge?

Dependent on the project, we charge either at a fixed price or an hourly rate.

Our recruitment charges depend on how much help you want. We can conduct the full service, which includes writing the job description, person profile, advertising, screening, shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking. This is usually, although not always, invoiced at a fixed price. Alternatively if you would only like our help with specific elements of the process, we usually invoice on an hourly rate basis.