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Your people determine your success. And HR exists to ensure that your people are best able to achieve your business goals.

In these times, just letting the people connected aspects in your business unfold as they do can have a negative impact on your business. All HR matters need to be thought about, positively steered and well managed to get the optimum out of your people and also to prevent and reduce all associated employment risks.

This is where having a clear and communicable HR Plan is essential.

An HR Plan gives direction, assures your staff that you value them, and allows for all the different aspects of HR that impact on your business to be effectively managed for best return. And, importantly, it sets up a great employee experience which is key to retaining your good people.

An HR Plan will usually include:

  • Key business goals
  • Identification of the key HR areas in your business that will support the achievement of your business goals. For example – HR Strategy, Recruitment, Communication, Engagement, Training and Leadership Development, Performance Management, Culture, HR policies, Resource planning, Remuneration
  • An objective associated with each of the identified areas
  • Prioritised actions to take
  • Assigned responsibilities
  • Deadlines
  • HR Plan communication
  • Monthly review process

With a solid HR Plan in place supporting your business objectives, you will be well set up to meet all HR challenges that arise head-on and ensure your business success.

Positive People is has over 25 years experience in developing and implementing HR Plans. Speak to us today. Call us on 09 445 1077 or email info@positivepeople.co.nz

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