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Tip to re-energise yourself over Easter

Despite being only the end of March, the fantastic Xmas break seems a lifetime ago for most of us – and the relaxed, invigorated feeling we started the year with has quickly become replaced by the stress over deadlines, worry about targets and the constant nagging feeling that you have something else to complete which comes hand-in-hand with a huge work load.

Thank goodness Easter is upon us, and we have a 4 day chance to reenergise ourselves to be productive and effective through the winter months.

To make sure you and your teams get the full benefit from this mini break here are a few tips to help you out:

  • 1.Turn off your cell phone if you can – or turn it to call only. If it’s urgent you will be called, emails can wait until Tuesday to be answered.
  • 2.Don’t overfill your days – it’s tempting to try and get out of town, catch up with friends, see the family, enjoy a night out etc etc. With 4 days it’s easy to plan so much you end up exhausted on Monday night, feeling you need another holiday to recover. Identify what’s important to you and leave lots of room for relaxation and rest.
  • 3.Remember what Easter is all about – this doesn’t mean going to church (although you can), this means to remember Easter is about celebrating what someone else gave up for us. Try doing something nice for someone else, be it a family member, friend or stranger. You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel.
  • 4.Do at least one thing just for you – it may be starting a book you have been meaning to read, enjoying your favourite tipple or a game of your favourite sport. Do it just for you, because you want to, and enjoy every moment.
  • 5.Don’t feel guilty about not checking on, or doing some work. Having a relaxed, refreshed you will provide a far greater contribution to your business than an hour here or there over the holiday period.
  • 6.Make the most of the last piece of summer – soon enough we will be into the cold days and long nights and you will be sorry you didn’t make the most of the sun while it was here. The vitamin D from sunlight helps to increase energy and your overall well -being, so think of a picnic or BBQ like your own free wellness program (just remember to slip slop slap wrap.)

We hope you manage to take a few of our tips and use them to make sure you have a fabulous Easter break. We look forward to hearing from you with a whole lot of invigorated, healthy and rested people in April.

Happy Easter from the team at Positive People.