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The winter weather has arrived, and we know it is getting harder and harder to get going in the mornings, especially on a Monday. The thought of getting up early out of your cosy bed, standing at bus stations, sitting in cold workplaces – it’s enough to give you a serious case of the Monday blues!

But, did you know that Mondays are generally the most productive day of your working week?

Having a great Monday can put you on the right track for a satisfying, successful week of work, so it’s a day we should all look forward to and utilise to its fullest.

We suggest:
1. Enjoying your Sunday night. Monday seems worse if you start dreading it early. Go for dinner, enjoy some time with a friend or get outside and do some exercise. Make sure you have an early-ish night. All of these things will help put you in a motivated mind-set for the morning.
2. Have your morning things ready on Sunday night. There is nothing more stressful than a game of “where did I leave my keys?” on a Monday morning. Be organised and ready to go, and you will feel happier when you walk out the door.
3. Start your morning by preparing a “to-do’ list for the week, and set calendar times to complete each item. This helps to keep the motivation high throughout the week, and stops procrastination kicking in.
4. Think about the “wins” or “goals” you want for the week and make sure you have a plan in place in achieve these (both personal and professional). Nothing is more satisfying at the end of the week than looking back and being proud of yourself, so take time to make sure you are working on the right actions to achieve your priorities.

Today could be the day which sets you up for success, helps you achieve your goals, and makes you feel good about your achievements. Mondays are an opportunity. Make the most of it.

Happy Monday everyone!