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Staff engagement surveys…..The secrets to getting them right…..

Building trust, caring, discovering what is holding your business back, gaining commitment and improving your productivity.

Staff Engagement Surveys are the simplest, quickest and most effective way of finding out what your people think, feel and want in the workplace. The benefits begin right from the start, as the very fact of you taking the time to conduct a survey shows your team that you care and value their opinions. Combined with some timely and solid feedback and any changes you implement and you will have increased your team’s engagement.


If you start with a genuine intention to draw your people into thinking about your company, you are well on your way to getting the involvement and commitment that can drive your company upwards.


Our experience tells us that a mixture of both closed and open questions get the best result. Closed questions glean information that you can quantify and measure both immediately and comparatively. This comparative information allows you to compare departments and teams and can measure progress on the different areas surveyed over time. In this way you can identify areas requiring attention and can then track progress on initiatives. The open-ended questions attract informative comments that give you a very good feel for morale, a more thorough explanation of concerns and an indication of what actions you may like to take in the future.

Through this combination you have both measurable information and a sense of the feelings and thoughts your people have. It also provides a platform of information to help you make improvements that will best motivate you team.


As we all know – a happy workforce delivers results!


Once you have collected, analysed and translated the information a key step is to discuss the results with your management team, and make some decisions about any actions that you want to take in the light of the results. This ensures you have full support across your leadership team. You may also want to consider setting up a focus group consisting of representatives from across your business to further explore an identified issue in more depth. This allows you to encourage team participation in any improvements you make, which ultimately will help them be more successful.


Another important step is to give feedback on the results to your team. This timely feedback is vital as it shows that you value their input, are prepared to share the results with transparency and that you want to make things better in the organisation. This is a powerful motivational message from you, as their business leader.


Full Staff Engagement Surveys will usually include questions that probe company culture and values, communication, work environment, customer service, performance, development, leadership and current matters.


The ability to craft the questions so that the survey is directly relevant to what you want to know about your own organisation is essential. By having results that tell you about the things in your company that you want to know about, you are armed with valuable information that allows you to continuously improve the workplace and ultimately, your results.


Staff Engagement Surveys are essential management tools. Your team are your most important resource and it makes business sense to find out what you can do to help them perform at their best.


We would love to speak to you about supporting you with your Staff Engagement Surveys. Positive People have a long history of developing surveys which get great results and have a real impact on business success.