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Recruiting successfully in a tough market.

Speed is of the essence

Candidates will be making several applications at once. You can avoid a bidding war by moving quickly and securing them first.

  • In the past having an “applications close” date on your job ads was the norm. This allowed you time for all possible candidates to apply. You could then select the best. In today’s market if you try this approach, by the time you are making calls the best candidates will have been snapped up already. Making time to review applications every day means you can move quickly to interview talent and have the best chance of getting them on board.
  • Long recruitment processes with several interviews and tests can take weeks to complete. By the time you have proven you have the perfect person you will likely have lost them to another offer. Take the time to streamline your process – you can still make a robust selection decision in a couple of days if you are smart, creative, and flexible with the process. Make sure you know what is essential and cut out anything which isn’t.

Make your role stand out.

In a situation where a candidate is in the mix for multiple roles, think through how you can be different and make sure you are their number one choice.

  • How engaging is your job ad? Does it reflect your organisation and what candidates are looking for in a role? Flexible working, job security and career opportunities are top considerations so think through what you can offer that’s attractive and make sure it is highlighted.
  • The first impression counts. Think through your phone screen and initial contact. How can you make them excited about the role? What’s special about your business? How do you make them feel comfortable? Having a warm, engaging first up conversation will go a long way towards making your role their first choice.
  • Remember an interview is a two-way process. While you are assessing the candidate’s job fit, they are also assessing you, the role, and the business. Make the interview as engaging and interesting as possible, and that every person involved in the hiring process is right on top of their game.

Increase your sourcing channels

Placing an ad on SEEK and waiting for the magic “perfect” candidate to apply may leave you disappointed. Widening your channels will increase your reach, and your candidate pool.

Think about:

  • Linkedin
  • Referrals
  • Local social media pages
  • Professional networks
  • Training organisations

Make sure you have the offer right.

The market has shifted over the past year and is far more competitive. Do your research before your recruit so you know you have the right salary band for the current environment. If you don’t, you will turn candidates off at the first conversation, or with your job ad. And once a candidate has turned you down the chance of getting them to change their mind is minimal.

It is a candidate’s market right now. Your traditional approach probably needs a shake-up if you want to be successful. The right candidate is out there. If you understand the market and are creative with your approach, you will find them!

Our Positive People team understand the market and have the skills and experience to help you recruit well.

Contact us today if you have a recruitment need. info@positivepeople.co.nz

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PositivePeople No Comments

Month: March 2018

A No-Fuss Recruitment Process

You told us that one of the most important things when it comes to recruitment is a smooth, no fuss process that doesn’t bog you down in administration. This is something Positive People can deliver for you, but if you decide to go it alone… here’s our insider’s guide to some of the key time savers in  recruitment.

1.Start with a ‘Person Profile’

Along with updating your job description, take some time to consider the personal attributes, competencies, experience and skills that you’re seeking. This is great preparation for writing a targeted and effective advertisement and making sure you make the right hiring decision.

2. Stand out from the crowd with your advertisement

Candidates quickly get tired of job ads full of buzzwords that all sound the same. Be genuine, be real and tell them what’s special about working for you. On Trade Me you can add photos, so consider including pictures of your office, view, last team event, or latest project.

3. Start screening applicants immediately

On the first couple of days after placing the ad, set aside some time throughout the day to review CVs as they come in. Regardless of the job, really hot candidates can go FAST. Losing a candidate through the process due to them accepting another offer is frustrating, disappointing and means more work for you – especially if you have to go back to the drawing board and re-advertise

4. Phone screen applicants

There’s nothing worse than being 10 minutes into an interview and realising it’s not going to work due to hours, salary, holidays booked or some other detail. You wish you had Graham Norton’s red chair. Conduct a thorough phone screen with long-listed candidates, keep your notes and ensure you meet with the best people for the job.

5. Send an interview confirmation email

Sending an email to confirm your name, address, and the time cuts down on misunderstandings and will ultimately save you time. Attach the job description so candidates come ready to talk about the role in detail.

6. Give candidates an application form when they arrive for their interview

An application form is a written declaration from the candidate covering any medical conditions that may affect their ability to perform the role, declaring any criminal convictions or conflicts of interest and giving you permission to contact their referees. Gather this information now and save yourself a headache down the line!

7. Reference check soon

Once you have a candidate that is ticking all the right boxes, get on the phone and arrange to reference check early in the process. It can happen that the person you need to speak to is out of contact immediately or unable to talk to you straight away. Making contact sooner rather than later allows you to be ahead of the game.

8. Don’t forget to decline unsuccessful candidates

Decline completely unsuccessful candidates soon after they apply – this will save you fielding follow-up phone calls and emails. Once you’ve had an offer accepted, decline everyone else. You should call and verbally decline anyone who you interviewed face-to-face. Candidates are potential customers too, so this is an opportunity to protect and promote your business AND your employment brand in the market.

These few simple steps can make life a lot easier for you to save time through the recruitment process and also help you attract the perfect candidate for the role.