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Don’t miss an important talent option!

The war for talent is tough right now.

It seems to be a candidate market, salaries are being driven higher, the number of applicants per role is significantly down and roles can stay vacant for months.

But perhaps there is a trick missing? What about your internal talent?

Are you making the most of some fantastic people you already have? 

Sometimes in our haste to fill a gap that a resignation leaves, we miss taking the chance to reflect on our current team. We can miss the best talent that is already right under our noses.

Now is the time to do things differently, take some calculated risks and build stronger loyalty with our current team by giving them opportunities to develop and shine.

  • Could you take someone working in a different part of your business, who is proactive, knows your business and has loads of potential, and upskill them to fill the role?
  • Could an HR Advisor transition into a H & S leadership role with some development in this field?
  • Could someone who is ready for leadership in a sales team lead an operations team?
  • Could your new IT recruit be a really smart technical Customer Services Rep?

They may take a bit longer to get up to speed, but if you already know they have the capability to learn and the drive to make it happen, then seriously consider it.

Surely that is less of a risk than leaving the role vacant for months while you search for someone your think may be right. And perhaps end up compromising and settling for less than ideal anyway.

4 easy steps to make this happen

  1. Know your talent . Do you have a talent identification process in your business? If you don’t, now is the time to start. This helps you understand who has the capacity to grow in the future. It also allows you to make a plan to ensure you retain them.
  2. Review each vacancy afresh as it comes up for the skills you really need. We often draft up job ads with a wonderful long list of required skills. The current situation is an ideal time to look at this critically.

What can you train? What could be developed by an external course if a candidate is really motivated? Do you              really need extensive experience in a role?

Often if we have someone who is capable of learning and has the right behaviours, attitude and aptitude this                   will predict 90% of their success in a role.

  1. Take a calculated and bold step forward. Once you know what’s essential in a role, it is time to review your talent list. Instead of thinking who ticks “most of” the boxes, think about who has the potential to achieve in the role in the future.
  2. Create a thorough development plan. If you are moving someone into a new role where some development is required, taking responsibility for ensuring they receive this development is critical. You want to set them up for success and show you believe in them.

While the market is tough right now, it will pass.

However, if you have an open approach to your internal talent development, you may well be pleasantly surprised. You will also develop a culture of growth and opportunity that will help you emerge as an employer of choice, with a strong successful motivated team, primed for the future.

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