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As Managers it is easy for us to address performance concerns which focus on KPI’s and targets, with tangible evidence and clear and easy information to use. But what about concerns that centre on behaviour? Providing feedback on behaviour can be tough, as you are often dealing with emotions, perception and personality styles, all of which can make the task daunting.

Yet having these conversations, and addressing not only “what” somebody does, but “how” they do it is essential to creating a productive and collaborative working environment. The camaraderie and relationships between your team members have a large impact on their productivity and engagement, and all it takes is one team member to raise their voice with another for these relationships to be strained. Addressing these concerns is hard, but imperative.

The longer frustrations are left, the bigger the issue they become. Leaving an unacceptable behaviour unchecked can also cause that behaviour to become embedded in the way your team interacts. It is easier to correct a behavioural issue when it is new, but far more difficult when it is an old well established and apparently condoned behaviour.

If you know something isn’t right but don’t address it, it won’t change.

Some simple steps to get this right are:
1. Address the issue or behaviour as soon as possible after you notice it
2. Do this privately with the individual
3. Be specific about the behaviour you would like to change and the situation
4. Outline the impact of this behaviour on the team or other employees
5. Ask the team member for their point of view to understand what happened and why
6. Use a coaching approach to ask the team member what they could do differently in the future
7. Provide them with support
8. Set a time to follow up with the team member
9. Provide them with positive feedback for making a change

Team dynamics are important for any Manager, and it takes practice, patience and focus to build a high performing team. Providing feedback is essential so that you can shape and build the team you want and need to reach your goals.
Positive People have a long history of providing leadership development that can help your Managers to have the confidence and skill to provide constructive feedback and improve the performance of your team. Contact us now to discuss how our training can help your Managers get the best from their teams.

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