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The country has been obsessed with New Zealand sporting success over the past few weeks, as we have been treated to high intensity, highly competitive and exciting yacht races and rugby games.

All of New Zealand cheered when the Emirates NZ crew held the Americas Cup high, and we wondered how to feel on Saturday night as the Lions game ended in a draw. Such sporting events inspire New Zealanders, bring out our national pride and encourage us to see what is possible if we aim high.

And then the victory parade is planned…..and despite the exciting spectacle on offer, what about those of us that just can’t have the time off? It’s a fact that many New Zealanders work in industries where making up the time later just isn’t possible – think construction, manufacturing, distribution, retail and care workers. As understanding as Kiwis are, a sign on a shop front saying, “Closed for the Americas Cup Parade” just won’t cut it when you are in desperate need of sales (or groceries).

So, looking ahead, what can you do to make sure your team don’t miss out on important games and events, but also keep your business ticking over and customers satisfied. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. If possible, change or adjust your roster around the timing of the event. Can your team start early or late and get their 8 hours done at a different time?
  2. Put the TV or radio on. While it’s not the same as a live game, watching or listening to an event together can inspire a team and be great team building. If it’s a short event, take a quick break and cheer your team on together, or put the radio on so everyone can hear the commentary.
  3. Add in an extra shift. We know a business that added a Saturday shift during the rugby World Cup so that their team could work shorter shifts on game days but still achieve their schedule. This was very well received by the team, meant they kept their hours, and customers still received their goods on time.
  4. Ask for volunteers to work for others. While we saw some team members get very excited about the Americas Cup parade, a good many didn’t see joining 50,000 people in the rain as a great way to spend their afternoon. Getting the team to work together to cover others can build team morale, and ensure no one misses out.

National events are a great way to build Kiwi pride and morale. We just need to be creative with our thinking and everyone on your team can celebrate the things which are important to them.

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