Covid-19: Guidance for Employers

We understand that this is a strange and challenging time for many businesses and your team. Our team of HR professionals are available to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We focus on practical information and straight-forward solutions that you need and that will really be of assistance to you  as your manage your way through this difficult situation. We are here to help.

Responding to Changing Alert Levels

Our guidance on responding to Alert Level 3 and Level 4 restrictions in your workplace.

Motivating your Team

Here is a targeted list of actions you can put in place today to increase the motivation of your employees as we settle into the ‘New Normal’.

Reset and refine your HR Strategy and develop a plan for the times

With employees having a slightly different view of the world post-lockdown, it is important to revisit the basics of your HR strategy and then to develop your HR plan so as to motivate, retain and also attract new employees into your team when the time is right.

Reviewing your organisational structure and design

With changed circumstances it is smart to re-evaluate how your business is organisationally set up.

Managing Mental Health and Wellness Concerns

Do you know who in your team are struggling the most? Where can you refer people to for support with mental health, financial and other issues? Click through for more information.

Adjusting to the New Normal

It’s time to dig deep and work out how to survive the recession. Here you’ll find some HR opportunities we’ve been thinking about.

The Employment Practicalities of a Return to Work

The only thing certain right now, is the uncertainty. However, it’s more important than ever to be thinking through the practical implications of life post-lockdown and planning accordingly.

Are you Eligible for Fully-Funded HR Advice and Support?

The Regional Business Partner Network has been granted additional budget for businesses impacted by COVID-19. Check your eligibility for fully-funded one-to-one support and advice on a number of areas of concern presented by the crisis, including HR matters.

Re-engagement and Culture Re-Set

How will you re-engage your team? How can you ‘re-set’ the culture to ensure it is right for the changed times, and also improve on what it was.

Workforce Planning and the Prospect of Restructuring

If you haven’t already, now is the time to map out likely scenarios for your business as we come out of lockdown, and what impact these will have on your workflow and cashflow.

Safe Work from Home Guidelines

Health & Safety legislation extends to work conducted from home. We have shared our Safe Work from Home Guidelines and information.

Issue #2: More COVID-19 FAQs Answered Here

Our second edition of FAQs covers a range of topics, largely around how to ensure you are complying with employment legislation through the COVID-19 crisis.

Issue #1: Your COVID-19 FAQs Answered Here

Our first edition of FAQs covers a range of topics including how to consult prior to a temporary closure, how to handle a COVID-19 case in the workplace and the process for restructuring if required.