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Ever more important, responsible E-Communication in the workplace is now essential.

In the days before the internet the saying was that “a happy customer tells 1 person about their experience, an unhappy one 8-16”. These days an unhappy one can complain to the world. And it is not just an unhappy customer, it could be an employee who has had a bad day, or a run in with a colleague or supervisor who can go home, take to their computer or phone and broadcast their woes across the planet.

Delivered to all staff in your organisation, this course will help your team to understand the implications of their on-line communication. Armed with an understanding of standards, expectations and consequences, this course is educational and allows for both staff and your organisaton to be safeguarded

  • What is E-Communication?
  • Human Rights & Privacy – the basics
  • What is the best medium for communication?
  • Emails – the pros and cons
  • The impact and speed of Social Media
  • Social Media – the pros and cons