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How hot is your HR? – the HR temperature check

How hot is your HR? Do you know?

A temperature check on your HR systems and practices is an excellent way to gauge how well you, your managers and your organisation are managing your people. Throughout the year it is easy for your team to go cold on HR initiatives. Priorities change, people get busy, and the disciplines and routines needed for good HR health can be neglected. This is when the risk goes up and the productivity improvement opportunities are lost.

Having your organisation’s HR temperature taken helps you keep track of your HR progress and allows for remedial steps to be taken to fix what isn’t working as well as it should. A temperature out of the normal range means that something is wrong and, if not fixed, will sooner or later result in a performance or compliance problem. As with the human body, sometimes one doesn’t know there is something wrong until it is checked out by a professional. That is what our regular HR Temperature check is all about – minimising risk, enhancing performance and continuously improving what you currently do.

A full HR temperature check includes reviewing:

  • HR Strategy
  • Organisation Structure
  • Company Policies
  • Organisational Culture
  • Performance Improvement Systems
  • Training and Development Needs
  • Succession Planning
  • Staff Engagement
  • Recruitment and Selection Systems

All of these play important roles in the overall health of your organisation, and you need to feel confident that they are functioning properly.

Once the HR temperature has been taken across these different areas, it is crucial to review your results carefully. Sometimes, after having the full diagnosis presented, the organisation is comfortable with their HR Temperature. Alternatively, it can present opportunities for improvements to be made, which will help to build a healthier organisation that can:

  • Lower the risk in areas like performance management and disciplinary systems
  • Enhance productivity through pro-active staff engagement initiatives like staff engagement surveys
  • Improve the overall flexibility and skill levels through training, leadership development and coaching
  • Address an imbalance in reporting structure and functionality through a re-alignment of roles

Rectify poor relationships between certain individuals or different parts of the organisation through improved communication systems

Knowing your HR temperature is valuable and indeed essential information to have. It is worth its weight in gold. You find out what is right or wrong with your HR and solutions are suggested. It is simply best practice to check your HR temperature regularly so that you can minimise risk and enhance productivity. It makes for a healthier organisation.

Positive People can offer you a free HR Temperature check. Contact us now for your HR Temperature check and summary report.